Designing Small Bathrooms

Smarter Bathroom designs can transform any bathroom space to create that WOW factor. While bathroom sizes are increasing, most of us are still dealing with the reality of something that falls way short of the ideal. Don't be afraid though, small can definitely be functional and beautiful.

When planning a small bathroom, first of all, spend time thinking about your needs and preferences. Think also about who will be using the room, and what their requirements are for the space.

Here are our top 10 tips to get the most out of your small bathroom designs:

  • As a general rule, small space seems bigger when decoration is kept simple and co-ordinated. So, keep to a single colour, or a tonal scheme that is very close.
  • Be careful where materials meet. In a small bathroom, they should be as neat as possible. Extend tiling to cover all of the walls rather than break up the surface unnecessarily.
  • Showers are more space saving than bathtubs.
  • Mirrors are, of course, a good way of increasing the perception of space.
  • Look at the way the door hangs, can it be changed to a slider, or to open a different way.
  • Use the wall cavities for storage, like recesses in the shower to hold bottles and recessed mirror cabinets.
  • Consider the opportunity to move or fill in windows to maximise space.
  • Wall hung fittings are a good idea to give the impression of space.
  • Reduce clutter and have all the odds and ends stored away. Extras such as double basins may have to be saved for the next bathroom.
  • Concealed cisterns enable maximum use of space between walls.