Guidelines for buying a bathroom sink

If you buy a new bathroom sink, you’ll be amazed what a change you’ll see in your dull bathroom. There are so many choices on the market for bathroom sinks and so many things to think about.

Read here for information whether you’re doing a quick change or a total remodel.

  • Determine Your Style for a Bathroom Sink A remodelled bathroom can either enhance the style of your home or be a special, eclectic space unlike any other in your house. This smallest room in the house can express your individual style or blend with the architectural elements and vintage of the house. Will you choose a traditional bowl, a period pedestal, a sleek glass bowl, or warm wood? Your budget will narrow your choices, but it’s a good idea to have your preferred style in thought, as well.
  • Measure the Space You Have for a Bathroom Sink If you’re in love with a long marble counter with a porcelain bathroom sink big enough to bathe in, but you have only a small powder room to decorate, you’re in trouble. But there are lots of choices in all sizes. So determine how much area you’ll have to use before you set your heart on a new bathroom sink that won’t fit into the space.
  • Do You Need More Storage or More Floor Space? A place to put towels, shampoo, and tooth brush is at a premium in many bathrooms. Replacing the sink is a good time to decide if you need more space. A cabinet with sink mounted on top serves the purpose and gives a bathroom a finished look. On the other hand, if your space is small, you may choose a classic pedestal style sink. These are always in good taste, come in many styles for any décor, and open up precious floor space.
  • Choose the Way the Bathroom Sink Will Be Mounted A clean, sleek look is achieved with a solid-surface, integrated sink. An under-mount sink is installed under the countertop, resulting in a smooth, easy to clean, counter surface. A top-mount sink rests over the top of the counter. This is the easiest style for the do-it-yourselfer to install. A traditional style has the bowl set on a pedestal or stand.
  • You Have a Choice of Materials for Your Bathroom Sink The most common bathroom sink is made of white porcelain, with other colours available at a premium price. Ready-made or custom solid surface materials can be molded into both counter and sink to fit your space. Enameled cast iron sinks can be colored to fit any décor, are very durable, and resist chipping. Glass, stone, and metals can be shaped and molded to any size and shape, and to create drama in a bathroom. Wood sinks are the newest and most expensive choice available.
  • Things to Keep in Mind When You're Buying a New Bathroom Sink There are as many styles, colours, sizes, and shapes of bathroom sinks as there are homeowners to buy them. If you narrow down your choices ahead of time, your shopping will be more satisfying and your bathroom will be transformed sooner.
  • Talk With a Professional about Bathroom Sink Choices A bathroom designer or our sales assistants will be able to tell you the pros and cons of each type of sink available. And he or she can steer you in the direction of what might work best for your space, within your budget, and in the style you’ve selected. The more information you collect, the better buyer you’ll be.