Guidelines for Buying a Toilet

Buy a toilet that flushes well and fits your bathroom, budget and backside

  • Consider Style and Function:Manufacturers have been designing toilets as architectural elements in a bathroom. Much attention has been given to creating attractive shapes and forms and providing consumers with colour options. One of the easiest ways to add colour to a toilet is by choosing a coloured seat.
  • Consider the Height of the Toilet Seat and the Users:Standard toilet seat height is 14-to-15 inches from the floor. “Comfort Height” models are the height of a chair seat and are 17-to-19 inches from the floor. A “Comfort Height” toilet may be great for adults but too tall for young children.
  • Look for Water Efficiency:Advances in technology have made it possible for manufacturers to make toilets that use less water per flush. In the long run, this will not only conserve water but it will save you money. Consider using dual flush toilets or low-flow toilets which use both gravity and design to flush toilet
  • Make cleaning easier:One-piece toilets are easier to clean, but they're also more expensive and can be harder to install than a two-piece unit. If you want truly easy cleaning, consider a wall-mounted toilet.
  • Measure the rough-in before you buy:The distance from the wall to the middle of the flange bolts that hold down the toilet will narrow your toilet choices. There are models of varied sizes. Unless you're significantly remodelling, make installation easier by choosing a toilet with the same rough-in as your existing toilet.