Guidelines for choosing the right bathroom tile

A great selection of tile for your bathroom laundry or kitchen can be the make or break of the whole project. This is a very good area to seek some help.

You must consider, the composition of the tile, the surface, the colour, the wearability, the gloss, the ability of your tile layer to lay it, the grout, the sealing...

The list goes on.

An experienced designer can quickly narrow the list down to a few tiles which you can easily select from.

Read on, to get an insight on how to select bathroom tiles.

  • Plan ahead: For floor tiles, allow for the depth of two tiles underneath the door. Start laying down tiles from the middle of the wall and work towards the edges, and ensure that rows of cut tiles are no smaller than half the full tile.
  • Choose the right colours: The colours of the tiles should suit your personality. Be careful when selecting tiles for interior bathrooms without windows – white, glossy tiles and artificial light can make a very good combination.
  • Choose the right sized tiles: Small tiles can make a room look smaller, but can add interest if used decoratively or as part of a feature wall. Large tiles can make a small room look larger, and are easier to maintain.
  • Choose the right adhesive: Different surfaces need different adhesives and choosing the right one is essential. We can always show you the right adhesive to ensure your job has a professional touch.
  • Always use an expert tiler: An expert tiler is very much required because if the basic rules aren’t followed, it can turn out to be a very costly decision. Ask us for a list of tilers who can do an exceptional job.
  • Order 5% more than you need: Tiles can go out of production and future batches can vary in colour. That’s why we advise our customers to add an extra 5% to their tile calculations for cutting, breakages and future mishaps.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask: Every tiling disaster can be easily avoided if an expert’s help is taken when in doubt. So, it doesn’t matter if it seems like a silly question, it probably isn’t. Nothing’s sillier than having to do the job again because you were too afraid to ask
  • A good tile is a good tile, no matter where it’s made: While it’s true that some of the best quality tiles in the world come from Italy, it’s also true that the Italians are responsible for some really bad ones.
  • Choose the right tile for outdoors: There’s a lot more to choosing outdoor tiles than just picking a nice design. Tiles must be usually slip resistant for your outdoors. At Kamal Ceramics, we’ve done the hard work for you and can help you choose a tile that not only complies, but also looks great.
  • Visit our store: We know our trade and we know how to help. So, if you have any further questions, thoughts or suggestions, don’t be afraid to ask us.